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New Mobile Communications Service, Squawkin, Launches Free App

Press Release

New Mobile Communications Service, Squawkin, Launches Free App

Editor October 13, 2014

PASADENA, Calif. (October 9, 2014) — Last week, Squawkin, Inc., a communications technology company, announced the launch of its new mobile social communication service, “Squawkin.” Available through a free app for iPhone, iPod touch and Android, the new service advances mobile communication and empowers users with unprecedented flexibility and control over what and how they communicate.

Squawkin leverages a hand-built network infrastructure refined over the past 10 years by company founder and CEO Dean Glasse. This first-of-its-kind service delivers encrypted communication through a combination of live-audio streaming, photos, text, plus location information. For example, users can snap a photo while concurrently recording audio, then jot down a quick text message, and send the entire “Squawk” to their connections instantly. Additional communication features are to be rolled out soon, with the objective of giving users the ability to capture and convey moments in their life in their own voice.

We’ve been watching and learning from developments in the communication and social media space for a long time, but our thinking has never been limited to what others are doing,” Glasse said. “Our focus is on innovation, not just in terms of the technology or integrated communication features, though they’re certainly important, but we also want to lead the way in terms of giving consumers a new level of flexibility and control in their communication.”

That control extends to user privacy and data security. According to Glasse, in addition to providing powerful and customized communication, privacy and security are high priorities for the company, which has completed a $2.5 million private equity funding round and is currently in a second round. Therefore, in addition to its highly advanced encryption, Squawkin offers a number of user-initiated settings that give consumers full control over their in-app presence and the data they share.

For instance, when users choose to delete content they’ve posted, the content disappears from that user’s device and is also permanently wiped from the entire service, including other users’ devices and importantly, from Squawkin’s servers. Moreover, direct, private communication is reserved for contacts that users have accepted as friends or with whom users are in groups or crowds, greatly reducing invasive or unwelcome communication from strangers.

Crowds, a feature entirely unique to Squawkin, allow users to communicate one way to unlimited audiences, somewhat similarly to an outgoing social feed. However, whereas existing platforms only allow for indiscriminate blasting of messages to all followers irrespective of those followers’ interest in a given subject, Squawkin users can create multiple crowds, allowing them to communicate to unlimited, but still targeted and opted-in audiences. Squawkin users always have the option of simultaneously messaging multiple crowds, reaching their entire followership at once. But the ability to disambiguate based on interest results in more targeted, more effective communication, especially for those with large followings like influencers, celebrities, and brands.

In terms of what the user sees, Squawkin’s interface is similar to popular social networking apps and messaging services, so it will instantly be familiar to users. However, there are some important differences. For example, unlike popular messaging apps, only a name or username is required to find and friend other Squawkin users. Additionally, while communicating in small or medium-sized groups has always been cumbersome on messaging and social media platforms, the administrator of a Squawkin group can add or remove members while keeping the group intact. Friends, families, clubs and teams can therefore use groups to quickly and conveniently exchange updates, trade information and stay in touch.

The Squawkin app is currently available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android, with plans to expand to other platforms in the near future.


About Squawkin

Founded in 2010 as a communication innovation lab, Squawkin, Inc., is a technology company whose mission is to build a better connected tomorrow by improving the speed, security and stability of real-time communication today. Based in Pasadena, CA, the company is privately funded. Learn more at www.squawkin.com.


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