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adjust Reveals Most Popular Social Networking Apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play by Country

Press Release

adjust Reveals Most Popular Social Networking Apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play by Country

Editor October 15, 2014

BERLIN, SAN FRANCISCO and ISTANBUL – October 14, 2014 – The best social networking apps were revealed today by adjust, a leading mobile app attribution and analytics company. adjust analyzed 217,549 Social Networking and Communication apps across 155 Apple App Store countries and 157 Google Play storefront countries, focusing on a combination of the app store rank with the average of all ratings for the app given by customers. Data was sourced on September 22 and October 6, 2014 from adjust’s apptrace database across 130,130 apps in the Social Networking category of the Apple App Store, and 44,067 apps in the Social category and 43,352 apps in the Communication category in Google Play.

Our analysis showed that while a core set of social networking apps remain consistently at the top of the charts in Western markets, app stores in the Eastern markets such as China, Japan and India are more subject to volatility and change in rankings and ratings of social networking apps, indicating an evolving social networking app ecosystem,” said Christian Henschel, CEO and co-founder of adjust. “Additionally, we’re seeing many new emerging social networking apps, like Repost for Instagram and Kik, rise up the charts to challenge the longtime leaders, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.”

Social networking apps have a huge importance as they allow for easy content sharing on-the-go. Additionally, many social networking apps have recently launched native app advertising options such as Twitter’s App Cards, launched on June 30, and others known in the pipeline, making social media advertising an excellent option for app marketers.

Best social networking apps in the Apple App Store
Since the App Store algorithm was changed on August 27, many developers* have been speculating about the increase in importance that ratings play in store rankings. Additionally, what is interesting is that Apple offers ratings by country, and through adjust’s data analysis, it’s clear that different countries did not value specific apps to the same extent.

Key insights:

    • Pinterest and WhatsApp Messenger rate the most popular globally in the Apple App Store.
    • Overall, Facebook Messenger had better ratings (average 3.76 stars) than the Facebook app ( 3.40).
    • Hot new apps and contenders for top ranking in the iOS market include Repost for Instagram, and Kik, which has already hit the top three in USA and Sweden. Lovoo has made the top three in Germany and Italy.
    • Of the displayed countries, Kik has listed in the top 10 of six of these countries.
    • Pinterest is rated the highest by South Americans (Mexico with 4.76 and Chile with 4.71) and comparatively lower by northern Europeans (Sweden with 4.45 and the Netherlands with 4.46).
    • WhatsApp Messenger rated best in Pakistan (4.67) and lowest out of the selected countries in Canada (3.84).
    • Twitter rated better in Senegal (4.29) than in Japan (2.61).
    • Facebook Messenger rated the best in Russia (4.54) and lowest in the UK (2.48).

Best social and communication apps on Google Play
Google Play offers global ratings. To discover country preferences, adjust selected the top 10 Social and Communication category apps for each country. Country preferences were clearly noted as the top 10 lists varied between countries.

Key insights:

      • Pinterest (4.60), Instagram (4.54), WhatsApp Messenger (4.44), and Badoo (4.43) perform the best on Google Play both in terms of number of ranked positions and rating.
      • The highest rated social communication app of the analyzed countries globally is fqrouter2, which allows users to access restricted sites such as YouTube and Twitter in China. It has a global rating of 4.71.
      • The most diverse markets are in Russia, China and Pakistan.

Methodology and data sources
The data on Apple’s App Store is aggregated from Apple’s Enterprise Partner Feed (EPF). adjust’s data covers all apps that were ever available in the App Store and all Google Play apps that ranked in the past year and a half. The top 10 Social Networking iOS apps were selected for each country. adjust then looked at the app ratings across all versions for each country and selected the top three apps to display on the map.

In Google Play, the top 10 social networking apps across both Social and Communication categories were sourced for each country and then the top three rated apps were selected. Ratings on Google Play are based on a global rating scale of 1-5 stars, and are not available by individual country.

This process was initially completed on September 22, and on October 6, adjust repeated the process to check to see how much the lists had varied. There was minimal variance, confirming that adjust had discovered the best social networking apps at this point in time.

The ratings results were correlated with adjust’s apptrace sentiment analysis, which takes over English-based 56,473,400 Apple App Store reviews and 16,536,900 Google Play store reviews and provides a reviewer-centered analysis for each app with enough reviews based on how positive or negative the reviews are, or if they indicate the app is addictive or crashes frequently. For all English-speaking countries, there was a high correlation between high ratings and a high positive sentiment analysis, again, confirming the validity of the results.

* Satya (September 29, 2014) Optimize My Apps www.optimizemyapps.com/app-store-algorithm-ranking-change

Disclosure: Lovoo is an adjust client. All data from this report is openly available on the free tool, apptrace.com that provides insights into rankings, ratings, reviews and more for Apple App Store and Google Play mobile app performance.


About adjust

adjust is a fast-growing mobile attribution and analytics company with offices in Berlin, San Francisco and Istanbul, placing a high premium on scientific statistics and a user-friendly product. adjust combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics such as rankings, ratings and reviews. It helps mobile marketers understand where their most valuable users come from, what they do, and how to re-engage with them inside or outside their app. adjust is also an official Facebook and Twitter Mobile Measurement Partner and integrated with more than 300 networks and partners globally. Clients include Universal Music, Viacom, Yelp, Scopely, Kingsoft, DeNA, BuzzFeed Inc. and Deutsche Telekom. adjust also delivers app analytics to the world’s largest advertising and media agencies including Vivaki, Publicis and GroupM.


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