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[Infographic] The Mobile Marketer’s Guide to Back-to-School Shopping

[Infographic] The Mobile Marketer’s Guide to Back-to-School Shopping

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With Labor Day weekend now behind us, the majority of the kids are back in school and fall has unofficially begun. Parents can now give themselves — and their wallets — a break because the back-to-school shopping madness is also likely behind them. According to Today, the average K-12 parent will spend $100 per student on school supplies this year, up 12 percent from last year.  Additionally, the National Retail Federation estimates that the average household will spend upwards of $660 on back-to-school shopping this year.

Thinknear, the mobile industry’s first tool to measure location accuracy in mobile advertising, wondered how much mobile played a role in this year’s back to school rush. As it turns out, mobile was a huge factor. 40% of consumers spend at least 1 – 2 hours planning for back-to-school shopping on mobile, the majority of which spend their time planning by looking for sales/coupons and making a shopping list. Also, 45% of shoppers use a mobile device while shopping in physical stores.

According to Brett Kohn, Director of Marketing at Thinknear,

From a location perspective in the mobile space, accuracy is a significant issue in terms of quality of the data.  We wanted to create a report that would give greater transparency to the industry so marketers as a whole could understand where we are in the industry. The overall goal is to ensure that when marketers run a campaign they actually get what they’re paying for.