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Delvv Tackles Information Overload with New Mobile Discovery App

Press Release

Delvv Tackles Information Overload with New Mobile Discovery App

Editor September 2, 2014

From Articles and Apps to Local Events, Free Android App Helps People Find the Information They Need to Make Life More Productive and Fun

Palo Alto, CA, August 27, 2014 – Delvv today announced the launch of its free Android app that helps mobile users discover more of the information they want by delivering smart, fun recommendations, personalized to their interests.

In today’s busy world, users find themselves bombarded with information that often isn’t relevant or interesting to them – they simply have too many Tweets, Facebook posts, local event listings and news sites, and not enough time to read them all. The Delvv app addresses information overload head-on by filtering the clutter of the internet to deliver the stories, blog posts, apps and events that matter most in a personalized mobile news feed.

Delvv can be downloaded for free on Google Play here.

Signing up takes just a few minutes, and Delvv will suggest an initial list of topics to follow. With categories including sports, business, tech, auto, food, fashion, design/art, nightlife and thousands more to choose from, users can quickly set up Delvv to find information that matches their lifestyle. Once inside the app, Delvv’s intuitive navigation takes over, allowing users to easily browse and discover new content by swiping through feeds that are custom built around their interests.

Delvv is bringing the power of predictive search and personalization to the content discovery process, and focusing on what our users actually enjoy rather than what other people want to share with them,” said Raefer Gabriel, CEO of Delvv. “The Delvv app uses InterestScore, our advanced machine learning and personalization algorithm, to truly understand what a user likes, so we can make sure we present only the most interesting recommendations.

Delvv showcases stories and events that directly relate to what’s trending that day, viewed through the lens of InterestScore. Thousands of potential finds are instantly filtered down into a manageable quantity for quick browsing, while allowing for deeper explorations of particularly engaging topics using Delvv’s related content and integrated tap-to-search capabilities. Delvv makes collecting and sharing the best finds easy with a mobile-first interface that emphasizes simple gestures. Users can also add and remove topics with a quick tap on their profile, instantly changing what they see in their feeds.

We want to empower users to filter the tidal wave of information on the internet,” according to Founder and President of Delvv, Felice Miller Gabriel. “We think there’s a follow-up wave of disruption coming to social media and content discovery, and mobile personalization is at the core of it.

Check out the YouTube Video here.

Delvv builds the next generation of tools to make mobile devices easier to use, and empower users through personalization technology. Delvv was founded in 2013 in Palo Alto, California by repeat Silicon Valley entrepreneur Raefer Gabriel (previously founder and Chief Scientist at Reputation.com) and consumer products executive Felice Miller Gabriel. More information is available at www.delvv.com.


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