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Direct Agents Report: $30 Billion in Mobile Advertising Missed Opportunities

Direct Agents Report: $30 Billion in Mobile Advertising Missed Opportunities

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Direct Agents, a digital marketing firm, recently published their 2014 Mobile Trending Report. This contains findings from in-depth research, mobile statistics, and interviews with clients and publishers on their digital and mobile advertising campaigns. There are several important mobile highlights which we’d like to share with you. According to Dinesh Boaz, Founder and Managing Director of Direct Agents,

“By 2018, mobile will make up over 70 percent of digital ad spending. However, we are currently seeing over $30 billion in missed opportunities with mobile advertising. Our research attributes this to only five percent of most advertising budgets being spent on mobile ads.” 

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Their research indicates that the steady growth in mobile will result in digital ads making up 30% of all advertising spending by end of the year. Additionally, advertisers will invest in over $50 million in digital channels in 2014, representing an increase of 17.7% over 2013. Over 1/3 of digital ads will come from mobile this year — however, by 2018, mobile will account for over 70% of digital ad spending. From January to June 2014, Direct Agents’ clients geared the majority of their advertising budget towards email and search efforts. While their mobile marketing budget is growing, currently only 5% of budgets are being allocated to Mobile. However, folks are now using digital media more than they are watching TV:

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This report shows that we live in a mobile-first world; mobile will no longer be a separate category, it will act as the primary component upon which all others are based. Mobile is the future of digital marketing and brands are finally starting to catch on.


Direct Agents is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in customer acquisition solutions across multiple channels. For over a decade, Direct Agents has developed custom, performance-based campaigns for leading brand advertisers including Scholastic, Lending Tree, Samsung, and Amazon Local. Specializing in Lead Generation, Search Marketing, Programmatic Media Buying, and Creative Solutions, Direct Agents leverages best-in-class technology to dynamically engage customers and increase efficiency of marketing spend. For more information about Direct Agents, please visit