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Twitter, Facebook, and Google Launch World Cup Updates

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Twitter, Facebook, and Google Launch World Cup Updates

Ben Roodman June 13, 2014

Twitter, Facebook, and Google each launched new features to capture the international audience of the 2014 World Cup. Both Twitter and Google required app updates to activate the mobile World Cup interactions while Facebook chose to create a new web portal. All three providers however focused on real-time news alerts, following your favorite teams, and content aggregation.


Google took the opportunity of World Cup searches to highlight it’s Google Now capabilities. Google Now provides real-time team scores, match schedules, and keeps you up to date on news about your favorite World Cup teams. All content is made local to your current time zone, language, and personal preferences.  Clicking through on a specific match breaks down statistics and gives you detailed game summaries similar to what you would expect from a sports portal. There is even the ability to hide match scores if you have to DVR a game and do not want to ruin the excitement.




Twitter’s World Cup Starter Kit brings a new hashtag feature called a “hashflag.” When abbreviating your favorite team’s country, such as #BRA for Brazil it creates a trailing emoji Brazilian country flag. All World Cup twitter action brought to the center by following the #WorldCup and #WorldCup2014 hashtags.


Twitter’s new World Cup feature also include quick links to view match schedules and tweet score totals for each match.


Facebook’s World Cup Hub focused on it’s Trending news feature specifically highlighting the World Cup. From the World Cup Facebook Page, fans can find aggregated top shared new stories. Facebook also created a Fan Map to see the top World Cup athletes on Facebook and where their fans are located.



Maybe Yelp or Foursquare will launch their World Cup feature next pointing me to the closest pub that has the game on. Twitter, Facebook, and Google already have us covered on staying on top of the latest World Cup news and highlights.

Ben Roodman

Benjamin Roodman
Senior Contributing Editor
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