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What are the Latest Mobile Marketing Tools?


What are the Latest Mobile Marketing Tools?

Editor June 18, 2014

With mobile internet use becoming more and more popular, it’s vital that businesses take advantage of mobile marketing. There’s more to marketing to customers with mobile devices than simply optimizing your website for mobile– you need tools to reach the next generation of customers and close those sales.

QR Codes

If you have a physical business location, you should consider using QR codes. You may also want to use them if you are an online-only business–they just make life easier for your customers, which will ultimately make life easier for you.
QR codes are those scannable boxes you see on billboards, magazine ads and other non-mobile media. Mobile device users can scan the codes with their devices in order to “like” a Facebook page, get a coupon or sign up for an event. By developing and designing QR codes as part of your mobile marketing campaign, you can make it easier to connect with your mobile customers.

Mobile Ad Networks

Obviously, if you are going to do a mobile marketing campaign, you’ll need to advertise on mobile platforms. Make sure you’re connected with all the highest-performing mobile ad platforms. You’ll want to at least advertise on Facebook Mobile. There are also mobile platforms not connected with social networking–some of the most popular include Leadbolt, ePom and Appflood.

Swipely and Other Mobile Payment Programs

Using a mobile payment program like Swipely is an important part of your mobile advertising campaign. This tool allows users to pay for products via text messages. This is easier for many mobile users than having to input credit card information on a website. It’s especially useful if you plan to have a special event–you can have your customers buy their tickets via text.

Texting Services

Since mobile customers often find texting a convenient way of communicating, you’ll want to make texting available to them. Some mobile marketing tools allow customers to receive texts from you and text you with feedback, questions and concerns. Having texting available increases these customers’ interest in you since you meet their need to be able to communicate on the go.

Mobile-Friendly Newsletters

Use a service such as MailChimp for your newsletter campaign. MailChimp offers mobile templates and also allows business owners to check their stats from mobile devices. Be sure to use a mobile-friendly newsletter service so that you can market more effectively to mobile customers.

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