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How to Stream Video from your Mobile Phone

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How to Stream Video from your Mobile Phone

annebot May 27, 2014

People new to streaming video often start by watching on their smartphones or tablets. This is because it’s as easy as clicking on a quick link… As they watch, advertisements inform them that, yes, they can stream that video from their mobile devices to their televisions. It’s an enjoyable thought to no longer have to pay a cable provider hundreds of dollars a month when services like Netflix or Hulu are less than $10 per month.

So how do you stream at home?

First, you need the equipment. That ancient television you keep in the guest bedroom probably lacks the techno-muscle to connect. Some systems require an intermediary device, which might be a good reason to buy the kids that Xbox. Or you could just go with Chromecast or Sonos, wireless devices that achieve the same thing without the video games. If you want to make it easy on yourself, just pick up one of those handy-dandy new televisions that come with connectivity built right in.

However, there are a few complications. Different systems connect a bit differently, so those of us who are less than tech-savvy will need to employ the user guides to make the connection happen. Don’t worry — they want your business, so they all make it pretty easy to set up.

Once your smartphone can talk to your television, you need to select the services you want to use — and you’ve got a lot of choices! According to Gizmo’s, the top free sites include YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Hulu, and Veoh. Over on Tom’s Guide, Marshall Honorof adds Blip, Netflix, HuluPlus, AmazonPrime, M-Go, Vevo, MBL.TV, Crackle, and Twitch, though most of these aren’t free.

We aren’t done yet, folks. As those more savvy people can tell you, that smartphone of yours works both ways. Not only can you watch streaming videos from your mobile phone or tablet, but you can record and stream your own videos. If you record a video you absolutely love and totally want to share, you can. This is where something like Flixwagon comes in handy, although you can load video files onto YouTube and Vimeo directly. Once you’ve posted your own special video online, you can go back to your video link and stream it on your television. Wonders really never do cease.

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Anne Ahola Ward
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