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Shyp Makes Shipping Easy with Mobile

Shyp Makes Shipping Easy with Mobile

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Ever wish you could ship something at the push of a button? Shyp is a mobile first service that makes shipping as convenient as using your iPhone. Snap a photo of the item or items you’d like to send and Shyp will send a “Shyp Hero” to pickup your item from your location, then they do the rest. Items are professionally packed and shipped finding the most reliable and cost-effective option available via UPS or Fedex.

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The service and pickup cost is a measly $5 plus the actual cost of shipping and even includes free packaging materials. The service is currently only available in San Francisco and on iOS, but more cities are coming soon. If you’re a heavy eBay lister or like me, putting off mailing back your visiting out-of-town friend’s glove that they left on your couch, either way Shyp has you covered. You’ll receive a notification when your items arrive safely at their destination which are covered with a $1000 of insurance from the time they leave your possession, while still being able to track your package every step of the way as you’ve come to expect.

Shyp AppShyp iPhone App

Shyp is a dream come true if you consider all the hassles involved in how things are personally shipped today. No more trekking to the shipping store, waiting in lines, figuring out the postage options, or even finding a box that actually fits the items you want to ship in the first place.

Thinking ahead, Shyp already offers small business pricing and simple shipping options that includes free on-demand pickup. As a startup, Shyp, is arbitraging the cost of normal shipping rates versus the discounts of a high volume shipper. Their model is a win for it’s customers, saving them time and money while taking the stress out of shipping everyday items.

Shyp is a standout mobile service that solves a real consumer need in shipping, much more so than a standard photo app to share selfies with your mom.