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A Mobile Secret Comes to Android

A Mobile Secret Comes to Android

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Everyone loves a good rumor and now the anonymous sharing app Secret is widely available to Android users in addition to original iOS version. Secret’s tagline is “speak freely” and your secrets are delivered anonymously to the people in your phone contacts who are also on Secret. Keeping a racy or provocative thought to yourself in the age of Twitter is an exercise in will power against potential public backlash and judgement. Secret is a way to say what is in your head to friends without posting to an anonymous blog that no one will ever read.


The mechanics against trolls such as only allowing Friends and Friends of Friends to comment on posts work surprisingly well in maintaining decorum. I would not call Secret secure or anonymously encrypted by any means and your friends can figure out who is who if you’re very specific in your postings, but that hasn’t stopped 314 of my techie friends from joining. Topics on Secret vary by location where the posts near San Francisco range from sexual desires to startup acquisitions.


The question to ask yourself before scrolling through Secret is do you care to fill your head with knowing that you have a friend who masturbates at work or having a friend of a friend who makes a lot more money than you do? Often the best responses to posts are in the active comment section. Secret randomly assigns avatar icons to commentators including the notorious poop icon and follow up comments from the original poster (the OP) are highlighted in blue. As Secret has evolved they have also added the ability to completely unlink your phone from your previous posts severing the link back to your account.

When Instagram launched on Android that were a lot of claims that it would ruin the service. Secret coming to Android has issued similar nonsense comments but while both devices can now get in on the anonymous action, the real question is how long Secret will remain on your mobile phone.