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What is the Mobile Marketing Association and What Does it Do?


What is the Mobile Marketing Association and What Does it Do?

Editor May 6, 2014

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is an international non-profit trade association. The main goal of the MMA is to “establish mobile as an indispensable part of the marketing mix,” guiding and protecting the global mobile marketing industry.

In 2000, the MMA began as the Wireless Advertising Association, based in New York. Three years later, it merged with the Wireless Marketing Association, based in Europe and formed the Mobile Marketing Association to serve the United Kingdom and France. Since then, the organization has grown and now provides its services to the entire world. The global headquarters is located in the United States, with regional chapters scattered throughout other countries.

Over 700 companies are members of the MMA, including other agencies, mobile device manufacturers, retailers, and advertisers, as well as wireless technology, software, and service providers.

What Does the MMA Do?

The MMA aims to be the premier source for all things mobile marketing, and is the number one advocate for mobile marketing around the world.

Its to-do list includes providing a professional forum where industry experts can meet to discuss current trends and problems, fostering an open discussion about the state of the industry. It also works to find and bring together these industry specialists and encourage collaboration among them.

One of the MMA’s most important and useful tasks is the development and sharing of best practices for areas like ad delivery and measurement, privacy, and content generation. It also works to find and create the most effective metrics to measure the success of marketing campaigns.

The MMA also works on the legislative side of the industry, providing legal representation for marketing companies when necessary.

A host of resources are available that almost anyone in mobile marketing would find useful. For job seekers, for example, the MMA helps connect skilled workers with open positions, maintaining a list of job openings from its member companies. It also keeps a large directory that contains an industry-wide index of mobile marketing products and services. Potential buyers can use it to easily search for vendors or specific products.

The MMA hosts many events and conferences throughout the year. In 2014, seven MMA forums will be held in various cities around the world, with publishers, agencies, and brands sharing their stories and successes.

Other events are more exclusive, such as the Mobile CEO & CMO Summit, to be held in July in South Carolina.  This conference, for industry leaders only, will discuss how to drive innovation in mobile marketing, while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. The summit will feature executives from companies such as Google, The Coca-Cola Company, Walmart, and GE Transportation.


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