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Facebook Announcement: Mobile “Like” Button to Allow Sharing From 3rd Party Apps

Facebook Announcement: Mobile “Like” Button to Allow Sharing From 3rd Party Apps

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Facebook’s most recent announcement this week was for the launch of the mobile ‘like’ button within other mobile apps. The surprising part of the announcement is that it didn’t come earlier. Prior to creating the wonder kid that was Facebook home or making ‘out there’ acquisitions like Oculus Rift, it would be fair to assume Facebook would’ve allowed others to post and comment from mobile apps.

The media was somewhat underwhelmed….

In addition to this announcement Facebook announced some security improvements. They said an anonymous secured login would be unveiled. Anonymous login will be an easy way to try an app without giving it all your private information. I don’t know about you, but I’ve used Facebook within another app only to find my wall has become a shrine to spam. Not cool!









While these changes are not exciting, per se, they are all very necessary to help ensure mobile user privacy. The user experience for sharing Facebook content from other apps has never been smooth sailing- in this gal’s opinion. Some links will use the FB app while others want to go via the browser. For social networks to stay competitive, Facebook and its’ cohorts need to continue to think about safety and easy of use on mobile. This week’s announcement was far from a surprise, many in the media this week have been decrying Facebook and Twitter as on the way out… I’m not sure that I buy all of that, but in the mean time – hey developers, go mobile or go home!