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Google & Mobile, Where are We Headed?

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Google & Mobile, Where are We Headed?

Editor May 13, 2014

Mobile marketing is a major part of a business’s success today, and many companies are setting the stage for the future. Some of the most recognizable names are obviously Google and Samsung, because they are offering new and exciting ideas every day. From the US to Dubai to South Korea, companies are going mobile first and showing us what we never thought was possible, or what we only thought applied to science fiction. This is truly an exciting and innovative time to be alive! The winners of all these battles will be the consumers, because they will get the most customizable experience possible.

Google has been upping their game every year, making their products widely used and their name known across the globe (except for G+, yeah I said it).  Chances are, you are using something created by Google every day, or at least on a regular basis. Google is dominating our lives, and they are always finding new ways to do it. To put it into perspective, think about the fact that when people conduct an online search, 9 times out of 10 they say they’re “googling” it. Sorry, Yahoo! Nobody is Yahoo-ing it.  Google Glass and their recent Google Maps games using Pokémon and Game of Thrones are just a couple of ways that they have gotten people all over the globe to use their mobile products and to speak their name to anyone who would listen.

It is not just Google. Plenty of other companies, smaller and all over the world, are getting in on this mobile marketing trend. Companies are advancing the possibilities and excitement possible with mobile marketing, showing us what is possible with these small devices. Even the way that we are viewing this content has changed, giving us a more streamlined feel to it all. When you are going mobile over the next few months and years, these innovations are going to become standard. The market is flooded with new, modern ideas that drastically change how we think about and approach marketing on mobile devices.

Businesses that are marketing themselves through interactive apps, games, and special features are creating a more engaging experience for their users and will continue to innovate. Minor changes are what lead the way to major innovations and they are what set the standards for future markets. They are the simple, effective, reliable, clean, and efficient changes that we need.


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