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What is Tapjoy and Why Does it Matter to Mobile Advertising?

Marketing Product Review

What is Tapjoy and Why Does it Matter to Mobile Advertising?

Meg Rahner April 21, 2014

In a world that is becoming more constantly engaged and connected, traditional marketing strategies that were used for PC marketing are not having the same impact as they once did. Tapjoy offers a new way of engaging in mobile advertising that drives maximum value for app developers while engaging consumers through reward-based advertisements, ultimately benefiting app developers, advertisers and consumers. Since Tapjoy was created in 2007, this platform has taken off — there are now more than one billion devices activated, 450 million mobile customers, and over 200,000 active apps.

How Tapjoy Works

The premise behind Tapjoy is simple. The developer adds Tapjoy to his app, and while customers are using the app, Tapjoy makes periodic offers. In exchange for premium content, customers can click on advertisements or offers that appeal to them. This premium content can range from extra points or coins if the app is a game to videos or posts that are not freely offered to everyone else. The advertiser only pays for the instances where the customer takes the action that advertiser wants, such as downloading the advertiser’s app.  As a result:

  1. The developer gets an advertising revenue stream without the ads diminishing the value of the app
  2. The customer is not bothered with excessive advertisements, gets access to premium content, and can choose to learn about things that interest them
  3. Advertisers only have to pay for ads that go to individuals that are genuinely interested in their product

What Does It All Mean?

Tapjoy is at the forefront of the next major evolution in mobile advertising. Banner ads and pop-ups are oftentimes seen as invasive and unwelcome, no longer having the effect they had in the past, especially on mobile devices. Tapjoy gives users the choice of whether to engage, which puts users in control instead of feeling bombarded by unwanted advertisements. By coupling engagement with a reward, advertisers are able to create a positive association between the product and the customer. This leads to a greater chance of purchase.

Tapjoy is also adapting to new trends — for example, it recently announced the nGen Platform. Tapjoy still has the same offer wall, but has expanded its monetization solutions. This allows served advertisements to be closely integrated to the overall app experience, supporting video, rich media or full-screen interstitial ads. With nGen, developers have an end-to-end solution for monetization and reward-based advertising. Tapjoy allows developers to engage with their customers in an effective way and monetize a larger percentage of their user base through means such as incentivized offers and video ads.

Meg Rahner

Meg Rahner
Meg is the PR Coordinator for CircleClick and a writer for MobileFOMO. She is from Erie, Pennsylvania and has a BA in Public Relations from Penn State University. She moved to San Francisco shortly after graduating in 2010 and loves life on the west coast. Since moving to SF, she has contracted for the Academy of Art University's Marketing team, LinkedIn's Recruiting Team, and is excited to be pursuing her passion for writing and PR in her current roles.
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