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The Rise of Visual Content Marketing


The Rise of Visual Content Marketing

Editor April 28, 2014

We have many ways of taking in new information, but we tend to learn best by seeing. In fact, 65% of humans are visual learners, hence the effectiveness of content marketing. 

Content marketing is the highly effective inbound marketing technique of creating and sharing useful and valuable content to grow an audience with the goal of turning them into paying customers. Put the two together and you have one of the fastest growing marketing trends the internet has ever seen: visual content marketing.

Images Drive Content Marketing

Content marketing itself is a concept that has exploded in popularity in the past few years, and the use of images in content marketing is at an all-time high. Case in point: The sheer number of infographics on the web about content marketing. Infographics are the epitome of all that is hot in content marketing right now, offering — in one swell package — an informative, shareable image.

In fact, it’s been shown that infographics can increase ROI (return on investment) by increasing traffic, leads and new website visitors.

When used wisely, images can make content more powerful, and, by extension, more effective. Many of the social media predictions for 2014 include images and rightly so since image-based social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are the fastest growing.

Going back to the concept of humans being visual learners, let’s add the fact that we love to share information. Throw a dozen or more popular social media platforms into the mix and it’s easy to see how creating and publishing informative, useful and visual content is the smart way to build an audience.

Images Get Attention

Consumers are constantly bombarded with content on the web, to the degree that our attention spans are rapidly dwindling. Our average attention in the year 2000 was 12 seconds and that number is now eight seconds. To put it into perspective, a goldfish has a nine second attention span. It is more important than ever for marketers to hone in on using appealing and concise content to attract more interest from consumers.

From the churning sea of online content, Internet users often choose which of that information they want to pluck and (briefly) digest based on what is the most eye-catching. The most eye-catching content isn’t likely to be a great big wall of text. When you want to grab and sustain attention, the utilization of strong images should be a key tactic in your strategy.


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