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Link Bubble – Why 11 Seconds Matter on Mobile

Link Bubble – Why 11 Seconds Matter on Mobile

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Link Bubble is a fairly simple to use app that adds up to time saved. When loading links shared from your social networks and news feeds, the web page by default takes over the entire mobile screen trying to load and download content. Load and wait. Link Bubble, which is currently only available on Android, loads any content in the background while you continue to use your mobile device. Using Link Bubble, a little bubble floats on the side of your mobile phone screen signaling when that the slow news site article you clicked on from Facebook is fully loaded and ready for consumption.



In the early days of user interface design, the lore goes that saving the user 30 seconds savings thousand of lifetimes worth of waiting. In today’s mobile first world, we tolerate waiting in our quest to consume real-time information on the go and at any time. Link Bubble personally on average saves me 11.6 seconds per link clicked. As an avid twitter and news junkie, 11.6 seconds per link saves me an hour per a week in productivity.

As data plans become more flexible, the way we think about loading mobile content is also becoming prevalent. I have very few hesitations on streaming the Daily Show on my commute to work on my mobile phone, but having to buffer data is nearly unacceptable. The feature set of background loading of content, picking what app each link is best opened with, and not delay any time while being able to multi-task is what makes the Android mobile experience great. Google should be making a hefty offer to Chris Lacy, the sole developer behind Link Bubble.

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This is an app that sets Android apart, as Apple does not have any time-saving apps as effective as Link Bubble. As we continue to grow more dependent on receiving timely information from our mobile devices, Link Bubble is making the wait time much more tolerable.