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How to Get Featured on the App Store

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How to Get Featured on the App Store

annebot April 23, 2014

Getting featured on Apple’s App Store goes a long way towards successfully marketing your app. After all, with thousands of new apps being developed and uploaded to the App Store on a daily basis, it can be difficult to get customer attention if your app isn’t featured. Getting your app featured isn’t as difficult as you may think, but it does require time, dedication and a high-quality product. We’ve given general tips on how to get featured in the iTunes App store before, but this time we’re getting more granular…

Fortune and fame are noble goals, ones that we all have… However, before worrying about getting featured in the App Store, make sure your app is the best it can possibly be. As The Next Web points out, Apple wants to features apps that show off the true power of Apple’s systems, so it’s important to focus on high quality app development prior to working on getting featured. Does your phone take advantage of features that only the iPhone has? GREAT! Then talk about that, it’s going to increase your odds. The iPhone hardware has its’ own unique capabilities and Apple likes to hear about it. Wouldn’t you?
Once you’ve ensured high quality and you’ve actually tested your app out (yes we’re looking at *you*), there are several steps you can take in order to increase the chances that your app will be featured in iTunes.

Step 1: Create Super High-Quality Icons and Screenshots

We’ve mentioned this before, but we mention this again due to it’s overwhelming importance!!! Apple wants to feature those apps in its store that will grab customer attention and lead to sales. They like it crisp. The best way to convince Apple that your app is one of them is to create high-quality screenshots to go along with your listing. Screenshots should be clear and should demonstrate exactly how your app benefits users. In addition, you should create a high-resolution icon for your app listing. The icon is likely the first thing people will see when looking at your app and will be downloaded to their device’s desktop once they purchase the app, so you want to make a good impression. DigitalSinigang suggests using bright colors and thick lines in your icon to encourage customers to buy your app and increase the chances that you will be featured in the App Store.

Step 2: Charge for Your App

The App Store is more likely to feature paid apps than free apps. Don’t you like money?Think about it — how much money do free apps make Apple? Like any business, Apple focuses on increasing its own bottom line, so you are more likely to get featured if you provide an app for sale — not a free download. Of course, if the price is prohibitively high, Apple is unlikely to feature your app because few people are going to buy it. Try for a happy medium of $1.99 to $4.99 for your app.

Step 3: Create Media Buzz

If you already have the attention of technological bloggers like Mashable prior to releasing your app, or some local media coverage, or a large number of followers on Facebook and Twitter, the Apple store is more likely to feature your app. Ask your friends to talk about it. Why? Media buzz means more sales, which is good for Apple if they feature your app. To create media buzz, consider doing a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook and making contacts with journalists who work for hot tech blogs. It could take some elbow grease, but it’s possible to submit your app for review to many, many publications. If you’re pitch is compelling or not, that’s ok. Pitching helps you refine yourself. Pitch your friends and family until you get comfortable!

Step 4: Time Your Release Properly

Apple usually updates its featured apps on Thursday mornings in the Eastern United States timezone. Check out when this is in your timezone and time your app so it is released shortly before the update to maximize the chances of getting featured right away. Make it easy for them to feature you, make it a slam dunk.
Assuming you’ve already put out a thoroughly tested, high quality app, the most important thing to keep in mind is how Apple benefits. If it gets their platform more press, makes them money and looks beautiful, you are well on your way to getting featured.

Anne Ahola Ward
Editor in Chief
Annebot, aka Anne A. Ward is Editor-in-Chief for MobileFOMO. She is a futurist, growth hacker and co-founder of CircleClick, LLC. As an early entrant into the field of search engine optimization, Anne has helped many of her clients monetize their SEO programs. She has helped clients to exceed their previous lead generation goals.
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