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Announcing Google Smart Watch

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Announcing Google Smart Watch

Editor March 18, 2014

Google released its plan for Android Wear this morning on the official Motorola blog. Android Wear is a line of wearable devices running the Android operating system specifically tailored to them. The first line of item announced is the smart watch, Moto 360.

Google has been in the forefront of search and providing informational software such as Google Maps, and Google Now, it makes sense to condense that usefulness further into the functional design of a watch. The goal of the Moto 360 is much like being an assistant on your wrist. The Moto 360 features Google Now and is voice activated. By saying “OK Google”, you will be able to find a score to a sports game, make an appointment, send a text, take a note, and much more.

Google will be collaborating closely with LG Electronics on the design and production for the first iteration of the watch. There may be collaboration with other partners down the line.

Google also plans to release an SDK for developers. Google has always stand by the idea of creating an open environment for developers. The company wants to make it easy for developers to produce software for the watch as well as make it easy for the watch to communicate with other wearables and hardware products. More information on the Moto 360 will likely be released at Google I/O in June.


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