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Sparksfly App: A New Social Content Aggregator


Sparksfly App: A New Social Content Aggregator

Misspran February 26, 2014

Sparksfly is the app that aggregates your social feeds. Based on what you think is important, Sparksfly uses an algorithm to prioritize and organize the content in your social feed for you. The app also allows the option of creating routines with your choice of regularly read sources. The app analyzes cross social relationships between people and content to help curate the most relevant and timely content. Instead of one giant messy feed, with Sparksfly you have several. It’s like having an organizer putting things in containers for you.

This organizational aspect is what separates Sparksfly from other content aggregators. In the space content aggregation space, there are apps such as Flipbook and Paper, another news app recently released by Facebook. We’ve contacted the David Bankston, Founder of Sparksfly, for a few questions:

 How did you come up with the idea for SparksFly?

About 2 years ago I woke up one morning very frustrated. Why was is frustrated? Two reasons. One, gosh darn it. I forgot to check my Twitter feed and I missed out on the $99 airline fare to goof on United Airlines. My buddy tweeted me, but I just didn’t think to check the Twitter app. My bad.  Two, I realized that many people now have multiple social and/or business networks I knew in my heart that there had to be a better way to discover the intersections of people, places and events across those networks. This is a universal problem, everyone is missing possibly the biggest hidden value of being a member of multiple networks.  Discovery of something new is something we all treasure. So I set out to make Sparksfly a reality.

Here’s another more technical way to say it:

The proliferation of networks and online use is creating an over-whelming volume of data. Few of us can manage the proliferation of content, relationships, and opportunities in an increasingly complex online world. There are: too many “apps”, too many passwords, and too much to do. At some point, most of us give up. Fatigue sets in.

The answer is to simplify the consumer experience. Applications that decrease complexity are the key to both usefulness, and personal productivity. New apps are being developed at an incomprehensible rate. We just can’t effectively keep up. That’s why we built Sparksfly.

There’s a lot of different apps trying to tackle the people and content discovery space. How do you think Sparksfly can do it better?

The team at Sparksfly spent the past year on a huge mission: to build the best personalized social management product in the world. In our research, we found that news readers and social aggregator apps were plentiful, but not truly personalized to the user.  Most products that offered a “personalized feed” were just vacuuming the internet to gather content.  We think differently.  We took a top down approach and concluded the best new product in the world would have to meet a list of the requirements. The best app in the world would have to:

  1. Be truly personalized to each individual user.
  2. Adapt to each users changing behavior.
  3. Be mobile.
  4. Help users discover new things about their existing networks.
  5. Be simple, fast and easy to use.

What makes Sparksfly unique?

When content connects with people, interest is “sparked. ” Within a few weeks of using Sparksfly, our proprietary fuzzy logic personalization technology discovers which intersections of people and content are most relevant to each user. With keywords, you can create your  own time-saving custom feed. Sparksfly grabs and sorts the news, entertainment, events, and social posts of family & friends from multiple sources that you actually WANT – putting you in control of your social life.

What are some examples and use cases for Sparksfly?

For personal needs, Sparksfly simplifies users’ experience with multiple online networks. It does this by enabling consumers to build routines, assisted by personal algorithms —The Sparksfly Engine and the Natural Routine Analyzer— both of which are proprietary technologies developed, owned, and protected by Sparksfly. Routines are essentially “saved searches” from across you feeds. You can create a routine using keywords, networks or people.

For example: I’d like to see my families posts across their networks in a single routine.  Then I would Create routine (named “Family”). Tap on people list. Drag the people you want from the contact list of combined networks. Save routine. Wait about 15-20 minutes for us to gather and sort your data the first time. Check back and your new routine will be up and running and will always stay updated for me when I am ready to view it.

For commercial needs, Sparksfly enables brands to incorporate “brand” experiences directly into consumer routines—personalizing brand relationships that are important to different parts of consumers’ lifestyles. This empowers brands to directly connect with consumers in sustained brand relationships and “humanizes” the brand experience. Sparksfly also enables brands to leverage meta-data of Sparksfly users into business intelligence.

Commercial example: Nike sponsors a preloaded “fitness” routine for Nike Fuelband. This routine is pre-setup to find anything Nike Fuelband across a users networks. Every-time they “use” the routine, Nike deposits credits into their Fuelband account. The longer they view Nike content, the more credit they accumulate. 

Who are the users you’re targeting and what are some of your methods of acquisition?

We are targeting “Heavy Social media users” People who use social for either personal or business reasons. People who regularly use 2 or more social networks in a day. We find these people to be people like college Students or business sales professionals using social to increase sales.

We are launching a new “Student Ambassador Program” in March. Send an email to info@sparksfly.com with you name, address and general resume to apply for our program. More details will be announced soon.

Sparksfly is currently available for download in both Android and iOS. Check out the app and see if it can simplify your social feeds and keep you up to date with the most relevant content.


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