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Mobile Marketing Possibilities That Are Here Now

Mobile Marketing Possibilities That Are Here Now

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What comes after app installs for brand advertisers are the outer limits of what’s possible in mobile marketing.

Mobile Retargeting
On the desktop it is largely understood that if you look at a pair of tennis shoes online, that banner advertising technology is likely to show you shoe products for the near-term future. What’s unknown to the majority of mobile user is that if an intended consumer action is a private app experience or part of a collection measurement advertising and analytics platforms. How we engage with mobile apps also leaves us widely open to how mobile retargeting works by sharing our personal experiences for measuring our lifetime value ROI.

Desktop to Mobile Cross Screening Retargeting
Mobile banner and display advertising as a bundled packaged will start to become a more frequented add-on. The genome of our Internet browsing habits and social logins enables a fairly consistent confidence level in linking our laptop computers to our personal mobile device. Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Google Chrome, have an easy solution to this problem by using your cross screen social logins to map your device identities. Other companies and Government entities have such a vast look at Internet traffic across the web that they can directly put the cross device attribution pieces in place.

In-Store Mobile Measurement
Apple and other smart sensor companies are racing to implement best practices around beacon usage. While the online world and the offline purchase still remain highly fragmented, the bringing together of enough mobile app tracking technologies will make in-store measurement an reasonably expeditious venture. The mobile path-to-purchase signals for mobile advertising to in-store device notifications are connecting.

Native Advertising at Scale that Works
The clarity of what’s a mobile advertisement and the articles between inline sponsored content will lead to wider usage of mobile native advertising. If a brand wants to promote an on-point content contribution, the distribution means of posting a blog-worthy headline as native advertising launching everyday. Understanding what media audiences consume and where they do so will lead to a new massive market that scales.

Deeplinking Directly to Where You Want Consumers to Go
Combining mobile app tracking and mobile retargeting, deeplinking creates a wormhole between apps for taking consumers directly to product pages. What or where you intend for a mobile purchase to happen, you can create a deeplinked shortcut to send an user through the mobile experience you want. Deeplinking platforms, product listings, and CPC conversion metrics will start to look a whole lot less complicated.

Over the this transition year in mobile marketing possibilities, it really comes down to if we care more about what’s shown to consumers or what’s measured about consumers.