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Mobile Addiction Carpal Tunnel

Mobile Addiction Carpal Tunnel

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Mobile addiction is hard to put down as we always have our phones an arms length away, nestled in our pockets. Traditionally sitting at a desk we think of ergonomics and how bad a sedentary routine is for health, but a mobile first lifestyle can also have unintended consequences of physical wear and tear.

We hold our phones while we watching TV, we text our friends up until the movie starts, and we strain our eyes every morning and night staring into glowing handheld screens. Our physical presence connecting to a digital world can lead to mobile addiction and potentially carpal tunnel symptoms in your hands and wrists. From constantly holding your phone and repeated tapping, mobile usage can lead to strain in your thumb through your pointer finger.

Mobile Hand Carpal Tunnel

Today’s supercomputer smartphones have also turned us into always-on mobile gamers. It’s easy to squeeze in hours of Flappy Bird during daily commute and pockets of free time without even thinking about productivity. Imagine leaving your cell phone at home while running errands to the grocery store, this is almost unthinkable to anyone born in the Nintendo Generation. Simple signs of mobile addiction can include phantom vibrations of mobile notifications or the feeling of constant FOMO while not checking your phone.

If you start to develop hand pain from mobile overuse, below are some top exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, taking routine stretch breaks from the couch and afternoon walks away from the office are recommended.

Stay healthy and Candy Crush on.