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5 Apps to Help You Fall in Love

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5 Apps to Help You Fall in Love

Misspran February 11, 2014

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s a fantastic commercial holiday for celebrating love. People celebrate by eating lavish dinners or giving chocolates, flowers and sweet nothings – romance is part of the celebration. But while this holiday may be fantastic for people with significant others, some of us are single and might not be too excited about not having anyone to share it with.

Not in love right now? That’s ok! Luckily, there’s an app for that.

With the following dating apps (in no particular order), you can sift through crowds of single people in the privacy of your own living room. We hope that these apps help you find a hot date by Valentine’s Day.

  1. OkCupid
    okcupid icon
    The app companion to the very popular OkCupid dating site. While the web version of OKCupid depends on questionnaires and longer form profiles, the app capitalizes on GPS technology to allow you to browse those closest to you. This GPS function allows for a better geographic filter of candidates on OkCupid. The OkCupid app also has the option of selecting blind dates… but we cannot recommend whether that will turn out well or not.
  2. Tagged
    tagged icon
    Tagged is one of the most popular social networks. With social gaming Tagged makes the experience of dating more casual and game-like (isn’t dating a game anyway?). Additionally, Tagged allows the option of blending both gaming and friendship. The social element of Tagged spans the app outside of dating, which might be the best part of the app. The social gaming and news feed element allow users for an alternative way to interact in addition to the usual messages and chat. This app might make the dating process more fun and less nerve-racking.
  3. PlentyofFish
    plentyoffish icon
    With the claim to have over 70 million members, PlentyofFish may be worth checking out if only for its number of candidates and selection. Set up a simple profile on the app with basic information such as height, education, age, so on and scroll through and search through other members and message them. If you need advice, the PlentyofFish forum is also apparently very popular for dating tips.
  4. Zoosk
    zoosk icon
    Zoosk is aimed towards more long term dating than hookups. The profiles are longer than most of the other simple dating apps. Unlike many of the more picture-focused dating apps, Zoosk aims to match up like-minded people. The questionnaires from Zoosk aim to leverage their behavior matching algorithm and match you up with someone more like yourself.
  5. Tinder
    tinder icon
    Tinder is one of the fastest growing dating apps right now. Designed to be quick and easy, everyone’s profile is short and most people select purely by pictures. If they meet your preferences for attractiveness you simply swipe right to select “like” and if you don’t like them swipe to the left. People who mutually like each other on Tinder can message each other then potentially meet up in person. The beauty in Tinder is its simplicity. Tinder is known as the “hookup” app but hey, maybe that’s what you want sometimes?

These 5 dating apps should give you plenty of options to start finding love by Valentine’s Day. If there’s an app for everything, why not use one to find that special someone as well? However, if you prefer to defy Valentine’s Day and don’t care about being alone, there are plenty of options, although we’re sorry to report that Flappy Bird is no longer available in the App Store. Fortunately, there’s the new Flappy clone called Ironpants available for download. Ironpants is cheaper and possibly more fun than going out on a date anyway. You might have opted out of an awkward evening.


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