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Super Bowl XLVIII and Statistics of Mobile Usage


Super Bowl XLVIII and Statistics of Mobile Usage

Misspran January 31, 2014

Excited for the Big Game? Super Bowl Sunday is a social and exciting time to hang out with your family, friends, and smart phone. Several statistics from different sources all support evidence that Americans often use their smart phone while watching TV, and the Super Bowl is no exception. IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence and Millennial Media surveyed over 2,000 U.S. adults on planned mobile usage during the Super Bowl. Not surprisingly, the study found that there has been a huge increase in mobile usage during the Super Bowl each year.

“In 2012, 43 percent of Americans planning to watch the Super Bowl owned a smartphone.  In 2014, that number has grown to 61 percent.”

Source: IAB

IBA found in their survey that 57% of smartphone owners expect to use their phones during the game. Most of the replies of smart phone usage will be for direct communication with friends via texting, email, and instant messaging followed by posting updates on social media then research and check news and info. The statistics are 36%, 21% and 20% respectively.

Source: IAB

For brands and marketers with advertisement during the Super Bowl, the smart phone cannot be ignored. There should definitely be a mobile component worked into the strategy to further reinstate a call to action or reinforce brand messaging. Companies that fail to do this will have missed out on a huge opportunity to reach a captive audience with a second screen.

Click on our link to read more about the second screen, mobile usage, and TV advertising during the Super Bowl.


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