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Paper Airplane Becomes Mobile Powered Jet with PowerUp

Paper Airplane Becomes Mobile Powered Jet with PowerUp

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With the PowerUp Smart Module, you can turn your standard paper airplane into a smart phone operated jet by simply attaching it on and getting the app. The team is currently running a KickStarter campaign to fund the endeavor for production of the product. So far, it has received over $800,000 in funding.

According to Entrerpreneur Magazine, the idea for PowerUp was born in a classroom;

“In 2007 I had my ‘Eureka!’ moment when I volunteered to teach immigrant kids the principles of Aerodynamics,” says PowerUp creator Shai Goitein. “I had been researching the advances in micro-indoor flight and came up with a concept for a remote-controlled paper airplane and a first working prototype.”

“I’m surprised how many people believe in the idea and how much they love it. But deep down inside I’m not so surprised, because I always believed in the product. Also, it’s great to see how many people support crowdfunding it,” he says.

Goitein aimed to raise $50,000 to produce PowerUp but unexpectedly raised a lot more. This will allow the team to have both the Android and iOS version ready by its launch.

We are starting to see more and more phone operated hardware products like PowerUp in development. Production costs have decreased over the years, crowdfunding have allowed hardware projects to test the market and raise funding, and  mobile technology have allowed for an easier bridge between hardware and software. BLE ( bluetooth low energy) will be a driving factor accelerating the possibility of products like PowerUp to happen as well. In the case of PowerUp, mobile technology has literally accelerated Goitein’s idea and allowing it to take flight.