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What is Mobile RTB? A Simple Guide to Mobile Real-Time Bidding

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What is Mobile RTB? A Simple Guide to Mobile Real-Time Bidding

Misspran January 21, 2014

Mobile RTB (real-time bidding) is changing the landscape of digital advertising. Juniper Reports stated that “mobile advertising will grow over 300 percent from about $13 billion today to just under $40 billion.” A large chunk of that money will be allocated through mobile RTB. So what exactly is it?

Real-time bidding is like high-frequency trading but for online display advertising. There’s the supply side where publishers offer ad inventory on their site or app, and advertisers bid to display their ad on that space on the demand side in real-time. This method of buying ad impressions by pre-set parameters makes the process a lot more efficient for advertisers. With mobile RTB, advertisers can target by context, demographics, location, or even type of devices. With the rise of mobile usage, mobile real-time advertising will be on the rise as well.

Mobile real-time bidding is drastically changing the landscape of advertising. Big players in tech like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Twitter all have their own platform or are building it. A few other players in the mobile real-time bidding space include SiteScout, Flurry, PocketMath, MoPub, Admeld, Smaato, and much more.

mobile rtb

Source: Econsultancy


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Source: Business Insider

Casey Grooms, co-founder of PocketMath, the world’s largest, pure self-serve mobile demand-side platform (DSP) for RTB states,

“Mobile RTB, as an extension of the programmatic mobile umbrella, has allowed us to work on some really cool products within the PocketMath platform, such as mobile retargeting to GPS-enabled targeting. There’s still a long way to go, but the future looks bright.”

Although mobile RTB has its challenges such as non-cookie based targeting and forming creatives due to differences in screen sizes for devices, its effectiveness and efficiency is high enough that the number of bigger brands interested in RTB will grow. As signal from interest and activity in the space, the future sure does look bright for mobile RTB.


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