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Mobile and Native Advertising Trends Visualized [Infographic]


Mobile and Native Advertising Trends Visualized [Infographic]

Misspran January 13, 2014

Mobile and native ads are definitely hot buzz words in marketing as of recent, and for good reason! There is a huge surge in spending towards native and mobile advertising. Native advertising is advertising that is well immersed in the user experience, and it blends in well with social media and mobile. 17% of the time when people are engaged on their phone, they’re on a social media network. Additionally, of the $4.6 billion spent on social advertising, 35% of that was geared towards native social ads.

Mobile ad spend in general is expected to rise as well. The amount spent on mobile advertising doubled within the last year and is predicted to continue to increase further. Linkedin Marketing Solutions predicts $47.5 billion will be spent in online advertising in 2014, and $13.1 billion of that will be allocated to mobile. Linkedin Marketing Solutions compiled data to visually displayed how mobile and native ads are expected to grow in the following infographic. It should be a treat for any mobile marketer out there.




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