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Marketing Landscape 2014

Marketing Landscape 2014

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Ever think keeping track of the number of marketing tools and tech out there is overwhelming? That’s because it is. recently published a supergraphic listing a whopping 947 different companies that provide software for marketers. That’s just a sample size! It’s not even comprehensive as the marketing software landscape changes so rapidly and growing so quickly. This is especially true with mobile marketing.

The supergraphic is divided nicely into 43 categories across 6 major classes visually displaying the different companies in each sector. From the looks of it, social media marketing tools sees to be the most competitive category. The first Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic was published in 2011 featuring 100 companies. The January 2014 edition now features close to 1000 companies.

Click on the links for the August 2011 and the September 2012 edition.

Source: Chiefmartec

Scott Brinker, editor of, goes into detail on his method for organizing and analyzing the marketing technology space. Fascinating read for any tech marketer interested in looking at the overall scope of how tech marketing as a whole and new niches are developing. Overall, despite the rapid growth and competitive number of tech marketing companies, there’s always room for more. Brinker believes “the marketing technology space is still a huge growth market”, and so do we. You can read his thoughts and analysis on the current marketing landscape here.

marketing landscape 2014

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