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4 iPad Stats to Keep in Mind


4 iPad Stats to Keep in Mind

Misspran January 3, 2014

AdAge recently spoke with Jason Baptiste, founder of OnSwipe, and cited four major stats about iPad usage.  OnSwipe is a mobile publishing platform that oversees billions of pageviews across over 140 million unique ipads last year. For publishers  focused on mobile, these key stats may prove to be interesting for strategic direction.

  1. Google refers 2.6x more traffic than Facebook on the iPad.
    Making an investment in a solid SEO and SEM strategy will still prove valuable. Google is still a dominant force for traffic referral, more so than social media. Visitors through referred traffic from Google are also more engaged averaging 4 minutes 8 seconds on the site.
  2. Email is the preferred sharing method on the iPad.
    Surprisingly more people use email as the sharing method than social media. According to Baptise on content sharing, “54.5% occurred through email, with 28.7% and 13.5% occurring on Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Pinterest, the third most popular social media website in the U.S. according to Pew, registered 3.23% of shares. “
  3. 9 p.m. is the iPad’s busiest hour.
    According to the data, peak hours for iPad usage is 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time. This should be kept in mind for publishers looking to optimize viewership on the iPad. However the time where users have the highest time of engagement is midnight to 1 a.m. Eastern Time. Viewers spend over an average of 7 min for a piece of content. Seems like users are more focused and engaged in the content on the iPad during this time. It may be the optimal time for publishing longer pieces.
  4. Men’s lifestyle content gets the most engagement on the iPad.
    Data from OnSwipe shows average time spent on sites are approximately 4 minutes and 21 seconds while content from men’s lifestyle content average about 5 minutes and 43 seconds. Business and finance falls under second place with 5 minutes and 8 seconds.

Keep these 4 stats in mind when formulating your strategy for your marketing content. Knowing how users behave on a platform is very useful for figuring out how to optimize reach for your content.



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