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Adefy: Mobile Native Advertising Network


Adefy: Mobile Native Advertising Network

Misspran January 14, 2014

What is native advertising? As explained in a previous post, “native advertising is a method of advertising that is heavily immersed and presented in the context of the user experience. Native advertising aims to be a less disruptive form of advertising.” If you create content that is similar and relevant to whatever the audience is consuming at the time, the piece of advertisement will be more welcomed. Considering how much smaller the screen is on a smartphone, this is especially true. That is why Adefy has been created.


Adefy claims to be the first true native advertising network. With Adefy, advertisers can craft high quality ads with their actor and timeline based ad editor.  Its in-browser editor also has prebuilt effects and enables physics animations for richer media ads. The advertisement is then delivered through an automatic bidding system that lets you set a smart bid based on daily budget or customized manual settings. It then lets you optimize for organic flow by targeting the right publisher. Adefy premiered at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria in 2013. It is still currently in private beta, however you can contact the team directly to be one of the first to test it.


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