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Pebble Watch Launching an App Store in 2014!

Pebble Watch Launching an App Store in 2014!

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From a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pebble Watch has grown to become a very competitive wearable mobile device company. Now they’re opening an app store! The Pebble app store will be opened in early 2014 and feature 7 categories: daily, remotes, games, notifications, tools & utilities, sports & fitness, and watch-faces.

For developers who want to write apps for Pebble, Pebble’s Developer Portal just introduced its SDK 2.0. Some of the new features on the SDK 2.0 include:

  • Calling webservices through the phone
  • Persistent Storage
  • Getting GPS information from the phone
  • Accelerometer
  • Portable mobile framework (iOS + Android)
  • Dynamic memory and memory protection Data Logging

Paid apps are not yet supported but developers can charge for the companion iOS & Android app like before. Pebble announced the exciting news about the app store on their blog stating:

Pebble appstore will be a first-of-its-kind wearable tech application directory—giving Pebble users a one-stop-shop for searching, browsing, and installing Pebble watch faces and apps directly from the iOS or Android Pebble smartphone app.

The Pebble app store opening is exciting news for wearable computing, but it will be even more exciting when the store opens and we can see what developers come up with. To order a Pebble, you can go to their website here.

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