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Mobile Shopping Statistics for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013

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Mobile Shopping Statistics for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013

Misspran December 5, 2013

Mobile shopping increased significantly this year for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By how much? A lot. PayPal published a blog on their site showing data for Black Friday 2013 and Cyber Monday 2013.

99.2% more consumers shopped through PayPal on their mobile device on Black Friday 2013 than Black Friday 2012. Overall, global mobile TPV (total payments volume) for Black Friday 2013 increased 121% compared to Black Friday 2012.

There was a 93.6% increase in consumers shopping through PayPal on their mobile devices. and a 115.6% increase in global mobile TPV (total payment volume) compared to Cyber Monday 2012.

Houston wins as the US city that shopped through PayPal on their mobile devices the most on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, followed by Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

A similar study was released by IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, and they also found that mobile shopping increased sharply compared to last year.

For Black Friday:

Mobile traffic grew to 39.7 percent of all online traffic, increasing by 34 percent over Black Friday 2012. Mobile sales were also strong, reaching 21.8 percent of total online sales, an increase of nearly 43 percent year-over-year.

For Cyber Monday:

Mobile traffic grew to 31.7% of all online traffic, increasing by 45% over 2012.  Mobile sales were also strong, exceeding 17 percent of total online sales, an increase of 55.4 % year­-over­-year.

IBM also found that a higher percentage of the mobile shopping this year was through an iOS operating system than Android. iOS accounted for 28.2% of all online traffic, compared to 11.4% for Android on Black Friday 2013 and 22.4% of all online traffic, compared to 9.1% for Android on Cyber Monday 2013.


statistics ios vs android black friday

iOS users also spent more money on average via mobile shopping than Android users. iOS sales reached 18.1% of all online sales for Black Friday and 14.5% for Cyber Monday.  For Android, 3.5% of all online sales for Black Friday and 2.6% for Cyber Monday. IBM also found that while more traffic comes from smartphones, tablets have a higher sales conversion rate.  Other research has confirmed that more people use smartphones for research and browsing while using their tablets and laptops for completing purchases. This is due to the convenience in screen size. Android’s lower online sales percentage in comparison to iOS might be due to the fact that iPads dominate the tablet market right now. However, iOS users do tend to spend more money on average than Android users.

smart phone vs tablet black friday 2013 shopping

Overall, it’s been a record breaking year for online shopping. There was a 19.7% increase from last year for Black Friday and 20.6% for Cyber Monday, and a large percentage of that was from a mobile device. You can find the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Report here.


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