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Lulu App Review: Girl Talk Gone Digital…

Product Review

Lulu App Review: Girl Talk Gone Digital…

Editor December 27, 2013
Girl talk has gone digital with the new LuLu app. This app has many features, among its most controversial one – the guy rating option – which has sparked a few concerns. However, the developers have parameters set in place to avoid some of the potential “problems” that competing apps are having with similar features. The LuLu app is all about empowering women and improving their communications, while also protecting their privacy. However, the automatic privacy feature allows women to ask and give advice while remaining totally anonymous to other users.


How to Use the App

In order to use LuLu, you must sign in with a Facebook account. Unlike other apps that allow social logins, LuLu states that it will never post on your behalf. It uses the information from your Facebook account to tailor features for you, and to store the guys from your friends list. The guys are stored in the app and other users can rate the guy using preset hatags. Here’s where the confusion comes in. Some people believe the app can be used by disgruntled ex’s to “demote” their ex or to bash them. However, LuLu developers state that only Facebook “friends” of the guy  can rate him. There is no comment section, no review options, so there’s no way anyone can really abuse the system.


Can the App be Used By Guys?

Since the app is designed for women, men aren’t able to use certain functions on the app. However, they can see how many ladies have visited their page. Additionally, they can always find out by asking their female friends to download the LuLu app. Once they rate the guy, he can find out what they think by looking at the reviews. If you’re a guy on the app but you wish not to be, LuLu has a removal option located at the bottom of their “How LuLu Works” page. You can also change what images you want to share on LuLu and add information about yourself. Remember, you have to have Facebook to download and use the app on both Android and iOS powered devices.


LuLu is supposed to be a fun mobile dating app with the occasional advice column on love and dating. Its rating scale and selected hashtags make the app very simple to use. However if you’re thinking of writing a long hateful entry about your ex, this is not the app for you. Overall, LuLu seems more like a novelty app. It may be fun at first to see which of your guy friends are on there, but the app quickly loses its luster. Time will tell how the company will evolve and the app will change. Lulu is definitely not a “nice” app. It may cause bruised feelings and crushed egos for some guys, but there’s no denying its extreme popularity. And with $6.5 million in funding,  Lulu is here to stay. Your profile doesn’t have to be though–just see the removal instruction on their page.



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