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App Annie: An Intelligence Dashboard for App Revenues


App Annie: An Intelligence Dashboard for App Revenues

Misspran December 3, 2013

Need mobile analytics for the app you created? App Annie just might be the answer! App Annie provides dashboards to help you monitor and analyze your mobile apps’ revenue and ad campaigns. This platform is currently providing data for over 350,000 apps, including 90% of publishers, and is proving to be an industry leader in an formerly barely tapped market. The ability to track downloads, revenue, rankings, reviews, app store featured, and event changes on one platform provides opportunities and confidence to marketers as they are able to use this data to not only receive useful metrics, but also to make critical business decisions. Many top tier companies such as Activision, Disney and Google make key business decisions with information from App Annie. Marcos Sanchez, VP of Global Corporate Communications at App Annie, believes that digital content is an important place to be in:

“We are building up a platform and we are providing more and better data over time. We absolutely have developers, PM’s, advertising folks and marketing folks looking at our data for important decisions such as using it to assess whether they are going to localize their product to a new market.”

App Annie provides free monitoring solutions, including tracking apps and eBooks, and they also offer a premium paid service called the Intelligence Product. Trusted by the top companies in the app industry, the Intelligence Product provides subscribers with the most accurate market estimates available for app stores. Marketers rely on this data to enhance their product and strategy, including competitor monitoring, monetization, international expansion, and investment research.

App Annie makes monitoring convenient by automatically pulling data about your app from major app publishers such as iTunes & Mac App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. When it comes to advertising, App Annie integrates with a variety of different ad networks including iAd, Admob, Jumptap, ChartBoost, Tapjoy, and more. The tool aims to be comprehensive and convenient for marketers and app developers to track  all the money related aspects about one’s app. Additionally, App Annie also provides the same services for eBooks.

Source: App Annie

Source: App Annie 

In the past three years, the company has grown from 1 to 130 employees and is quickly expanding into the global marketplace. They’ve received substantial funding from several top tier venture firms and now have offices in five cities around the world. Currently, App Annie tracks over 3 million apps on an hourly basis and provides eBook support in the Amazon Bookstore for roughly 170,000 people.

As apps and mobile strategy are becoming recognized as a crucial part of business development, mobile analytics are more important than ever. App Annie is truly dominating the mobile analytics space and this is only the humble beginnings for a company with so much growth potential and undoubtedly an exciting future ahead.

We recommend you follow their blog for more mobile insights and check out their free ad analytics tool here.


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