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What are the Banned Words on Android?


What are the Banned Words on Android?

Misspran December 17, 2013

Geek, preggers and lactation… What do these words have in common? These are just a few of the seemingly harmless words that are banned in the 165,000-word dictionary that appears in the source code of KitKat, Google’s latest Android operating system. These are among of the more than the 1,400 English words that Google deliberately left out of its dictionary.

Perhaps banned may be considered too strong of a word, but these are the words that Google won’t feature in its built-in predictive text dictionary. If you swipe in “condom” autocomplete might change and suggest the word “condition” instead. Surprisingly though, words like “bong” and  “marijuana” are okay. Swear words also fall among inappropriate words not included. There’s no say from Google regarding how decisions were made on which words were deemed inappropriate.

mouth covered gasp surprise

According to Wired, “the filter can be disabled in the Google Keyboard settings, which makes all words both swipeable and available for autocomplete. As you can imagine, turning the filter off allows for foul language and grim racial slurs.” There’s also the option of adding in certain words manually.

Google isn’t alone; Apple has similar restrictions. According to the DailyMail, “researchers used the built-in spell checker in the iOS API developer platform to test more than 250,000 words and discovered that suggestions do not apply for words including ‘abortion’, ‘bullet’, ‘suicide’ and ‘pornography’ when they have been mistyped.”

It seems texting on Android has PG 13 rated preset. However, if you’re a gynecologist or just someone with an occasional potty mouth, you may have quite a few words to manually add in.


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