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5 Apps to Help You With Your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

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5 Apps to Help You With Your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

Misspran December 31, 2013

It’s almost a new year again. Time to bring out those resolutions and aim for self improvement for 2014. Here are a 5 apps that can help you with some of those goals. These apps are available for both Android and iOS so you can achieve your goals no matter what mobile operating system you’re on.

  1. Pocket – Pocket is the  app that lets you easily collect articles to read later, re-read, and share. This app is great for everyday use and is also a great aid for the popular resolution of learning something new.  Use Pocket to collect info and learn a new skill!
    Pocket app
  2. Any.do – Any.do is a list app that’s beautiful, elegant, easy to use, and can be synchronized across web and mobile.  It has voice to text and can make your list/reminders sharable with other people. Having a great list helps you achieve smaller tasks and brings you closer to accomplishing that tougher self improvement goal for the new year.
    any.do app
  3. Lose It – Lose It is the health and fitness app for calorie tracking. One of the biggest resolution every year for most people is to eat healthy and lose weight. Lose It is the tool to help you achieve it. With an easy to use calorie counter, recipe builder, and more Lose It lets you customize your weight loss goal and track and tailor your diet to achieve it.
    lose it app
  4. Bodbot – Bodbot is another health and fitness app to help you become healthier for 2014. Bodbot serves as a pocket guide for both exercise and nutrition. The app tailor your workouts  to your fitness goal and recommends the appropriate exercises to help you achieve it efficiently.  Additionally, the app also provides nutritional guidance.
    bodbot app
  5. Mint – Mint is the personal finance app that will visually help you get your spending into shape. Hey, if you’re going to get your mind and body fit for the new year, why not aim to do the same for your finances? With its beautiful interface and ease of use, Mint lets you easily see and track your spending, savings, and more.
    mint app

These 5 beautifully designed apps are great pocket companions to achieve the popular new year’s resolution of learning a new skill, becoming more healthy, and manage finances better. But whether you’re making these resolutions or not, these apps may help you manage your fitness, finances, work, and productivity anyway. Good luck and celebrate safely!


Vi Tran
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