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Where Are Teens Going? #Mobile


Where Are Teens Going? #Mobile

Misspran November 12, 2013

Teens are not as active on Facebook anymore. GlobalWebIndex recently surveyed teenagers in 30 different countries to find what social platforms teenagers are now most active on. According to Forbes, Facebook’s CFO David Ebersam said “We did see a decrease in daily users, partly among younger teens.”  Not surprisingly though, teens are spending more time on mobile apps.

Global Web Index of Teens Mobile Usage

Some of the apps that sees the fastest growth in young users includes WeChat, Vine, & Flickr. WeChat, although not as popular in the U.S., saw an astonishing growth of 1,021%. The Chinese messaging platform is very popular among those 16 to 19 years old.  The app boasts a number of 250 million monthly active users.

There is also an overall trend of video and photo apps gaining popularity among teens.  Vine, owned by Twitter, saw growth of 639% while Flickr the mobile app is growing at  254%. Snapchat is another app that’s very popular among teens in the US. The app does not release its total number of registered users or broke it down its demographics but it does receive a lot of engagement. There’s 350 million snaps everyday.

In summary, for any brands with an interest in marketing to teens, there’s no surprise whatsoever that where there’s highest engagement is in mobile apps–specifically chat, video, and photo sharing apps.


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