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Stream from Your Android Device to an AppleTV with Streambels

Stream from Your Android Device to an AppleTV with Streambels

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Available for Android, Streambels is the mobile streaming application that enables to you to control and play your favorite media content on an AppleTV. As Apple and Google silo with their own respective mobile and TV platforms, setting up your own media streaming system that works with all your favorite devices has now been made simpler with Streambels.

The app is free to download and test for five days, but sets in afterwards at $4.99 for unlimited streaming use. Streambels currently works with AppleTV, AirPort Express, AirPlay & DLNA-enabled receivers TVs, Bose speakers, and connected Pioneer, Samsung, and LG TVs. With beta testing in place since an early release, Streambels latest revision fixes many of the technical challenges of working around Apple’s Airplay format. Buffer and load times since the beta releases have also greatly approved.

To start streaming, connect your Android device to the same wifi network as your connected TV media box. The application works simply by added Streambels as a sharing option when viewing YouTube or Facebook video, browsing your photos, or playing downloaded local media. Once selected as the share to source, Streambels automatically starts projecting on to your TV. If you wish your AppleTV was a Chromecast, using Streambels now is your chance.


Upcoming features include streaming Spotify from your Android phone to wireless speakers, a highly requested feature of many Android Spotify users. Might as well get in early and purchase the current full version, as I suspect Streambels will continue to only make my home media setup even easier to use.