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Path of Purchase: Key Findings in Relation to Mobile

Path of Purchase: Key Findings in Relation to Mobile

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Sales of smart phones are climbing and there’s no denying mobile usage is affecting the way consumers today shop. But how big of an impact does mobile have on today’s consumer’s purchasing decisions? Nielsen conducted a research on smart phone users who have just made a purchase to further investigate the role of mobile usage in the purchasing process. Here are some key highlights to their research:

  • Consumers spend time researching on mobile: Consumers spend 15+ hours per week researching on mobile sites and apps. They visit websites 6 times on average in the purchase process.
  • Mobile research begins with search: 48% of consumers start mobile shopping-related research using search engine. More consumers start their product research via search engine than they do on a brand’s app or website.
  • Location proximity matters: 69% of consumers expect a business to be within 5 miles of where they’re located.
  • Purchase immediacy is key: 55% of consumers want to purchase within an hour, 83% within a day.
  • Mobile influences purchases across channels: Of those who made a purchase and researched on their phones, 82% purchased in-store, 45% bought online (desktop/tablet) and 17% purchased on mobile.

Mobile is huge and there is no denying it. The research from Nielsen demonstrates the key areas where mobile has the biggest impact on a consumer are in the realm of product research,  location, and immediacy. Knowing all of this, the only challenge now for marketers is figuring out how to optimize for it.

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