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Fashionista Service The Hunt Launches Updated Mobile App

Fashionista Service The Hunt Launches Updated Mobile App

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The Hunt is a community first service for finding items from the latest fashion trends by asking fierce stylists for advice on where to buy. To start a Hunt is now even easier with The Hunt’s updated mobile iPhone app.

The Hunt iPhone App

The Hunt makes street fashion photography easier for spotting the latest trends. Instead of posting to forums or limited Facebook friends, The Hunt extends your fashion styling community. In-app pinboard style scrolling enables users to view posted fashion photos with ease. At the top of the app you can browse what styles and hashtags are trending.

Mobile Fashion Trends

Community members comment on finds to help people find what they are looking for. Posted hunts help members learn where to find styles from high end designers to local designers to obtainable comparable items.

The potential for The Hunt is more than seeing fashion gems and must have items. Advertising is about image. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have all introduced in-feed native advertising and sponsored images. The Hunt is well positioned to work natively with fashion labels to be part of seasonal trends. Imagine integrated discounted deep links on where to buy taking The Hunt community right to a mobile shopping cart. The Hunt has already made purchasing items possible within app and I expect more mobile commerce options to come.