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Top 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Back Up Their Mobile Photos


Top 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Back Up Their Mobile Photos

Tony Niesz October 1, 2013

Hey I admit, I’m a mobile camera fanatic. No matter where I go I instinctively grasp my camera in preparation for a possible picture. If I just arrived at the train station, it’s only a matter of time before I check in on Foursquare and, naturally, take a picture of the tracks with just the right angles. People are bound to love the artistic way I framed the shot, or the stylish filter I chose on Instagram. Oh my cat meowed something while curled up like a ball in that adorable way he does. I must post or I’ll suffocate! Enjoy myself quietly on a trip? No, I must capture the moment!

I’m great at accumulating digital experiences, but not so great with saving or storing them in an organized fashion. Whenever I’ve gotten a new phone, I’ve basically lost my old photos. There’s a retired phone boneyard at the bottom of my closet… It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are five reasons why people neglect to back their photos up.

 1.) What? You Mean that’s Possible?

It’s surprisingly true that many of us are busy and simply do not realize easy phone backups are possible (and simple). Quite a few of us know it is, but we avoid thinking about how because we think it might be too complicated or cost an arm and a leg. This is the case for millions of people who own a smartphone. It’s only once in awhile that we might actually stop to notice the staggering number of photos sitting in our mobile photo archives. I’ve taken more than 1500 pictures in the last year myself! It’s much less often that I seriously consider backing them up. It was just something I didn’t know or think about. Look, I’m not that technical. Backing something up is tremendously time consuming and requires extensive computational knowledge right? Well as it turns out, that’s not the case.

2.) But I Have Inappropriate Photos?

The last thing you want to think is that some engineer somewhere is staring at your private photos. Maybe you had an artistic phase in college or a really hot significant other that’s not very shy… Either way, a bit of inappropriate content on your phone shouldn’t keep you from backing it up. You can sync your phone to your desktop computer with a password to unlock it or use a secure encrypted mobile cloud storage client like Bitcasa. Bitcasa uses convergent encryption, which means employees won’t be able to access your photos, even if they wanted to!

3.) Is it secure to backup?

Another common misperception is that something may happen to the data while it’s being transferred. Many of us have imagined sending all our photos to the cloud and deleting them from our computer, only to discover there was an error in transit. This is something you shouldn’t worry about. Transferring files to the cloud is more secure than Snapchat, and we all know what you’ve been uploading there! In all seriousness, nothing’s going to happen to those photos. Once they are in the cloud they are safe, backed up several times by every cloud service known to man.

4.) Inability to Accept the Fact We Might Lose Our Phones

We’ve all been on that business trip where things might get a bit out of hand. Let’s say it’s the annual sales meeting in New Orleans… Hey, you don’t have to justify it. Sometimes life gets crazy and you lose track of your phone for a minute. That’s all it takes. My friend D. actually had her phone swiped by a guy that had just finished hitting on her in New York. The next day a good Samaritan called her and said some guy sold her phone to him for $20. She was so lucky to get that back, but many folks are not so lucky.

Photo by Jurvetson on flickr

My worst experience losing my phone didn’t even involve theft. I was in my car in a parking lot and was just sitting there warming the engine. Just as I lifted the phone, which was sitting on the passenger seat, to check my email, I clumsily dropped it right into the cup of water in the center console. It went directly into that thing and was immediately immersed in water. I immediately dug it out, but the phone went dark and wouldn’t restart. I must have lost a thousand photos that day. The point here is, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. Despite your best efforts, your phone may end up lost or stolen, or just submerged in water. Be prepared and back it up.

5.) It Costs Too Much Right?

Definitely not. This is one of the common misconceptions and one that held me up for a while too. Most of the companies that offer these services are very reasonably priced, especially when you consider that you’ll now be able to avoid losing your photos ever again. Bitcasa for instance, charges less than $10/month for infinite storage. There’s literally no limit to what you can put on their “infinite drive.” You can also stream unlimited TV and movies straight from the service. For a better comparison of all these services and their prices, click here and here.