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Pivotcon: Mobile meets Social meets Sales

Pivotcon: Mobile meets Social meets Sales

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It’s a lovely day here in NYC, MobileFOMO is here covering Pivotcon 2013. While this conference is led and created by Brian Solis, don’t assume this is all about social media. It’s way more than that. Just a few hours in and we have some amazing observations…

One thing is for sure, though… It’s all about mobile. Whether it’s shopping or engagement or branding, the conversation here is centered around mobile (and occasionally bow ties). One of the more interesting presentations this morning was about social selling. Research was provided by a Silicon Valley company called Dynamic Signal. Dynamic signal is a venture backed research company and they use data to build advocacy programs. One of the questions they addressed was about how you tap into your employees to become advocates. They did a survey with 1000 sales people.

Of 1000 sales people surveyed, 42% said they used social media to prospect.

We actually expected that number to be higher, but when drilling down on the non-social media users, it gets more interesting. Of those who didn’t use social media to prospect, 25% said they didn’t use it due to systemic limits. For the average sales person they spends about 4 hours per week on social media. Those who make sales goals are actually twice as likely to use social to close. This boggles the mind! Sales is forever changed. It makes total sense and the numbers support it.

Please stay tuned for more conference coverage this week!