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Mobile In-Store Shopping Statistics

Mobile Mobile Shopping

Mobile In-Store Shopping Statistics

Misspran October 16, 2013

Mobile usage is on the rise and is creating change across almost all industries. In the retail industry especially, its influence cannot be ignored. More and more people are becoming mobile shoppers and using their phone or tablet. According to Google, 79 percent of smartphone owners are also smartphone shoppers, and 84 percent of these shoppers use their phone to aid them when shopping in stores.

Mobile usage also makes the most impact for purchasing decisions and product discovery. 65 percent of users begin researching products on their smartphone. Thereafter, many often switch to a tablet or PC for further research. Considering the fact that a smartphone is the most easily accessible internet-connected device, it makes sense that consumers are reaching out for their phone to help them make an informed decision on their purchase.

A staggering 82 percent of people also use search engines for research when making a purchasing decision in-store. That means organic search and influencers are more important than ever. You can further read Google’s research here and here

From statistics, marketers are all aware of how big of an impact mobile has on in-store consumer decisions. The barriers between brick and mortar shops and digital shops are blurring. Retail marketers are trying to find ways to bridge the two and further the use of mobile in the shopping experience. QR codes failed to really take off due to too much friction. However, with NFC (Near Field Communication) and the introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE) and iBeacon, marketers are finding even more ways to directly leverage mobile and easily reach consumers. Mobile technology will only get better over time and will change the shopping experience. Marketers will have to adapt.



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