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LiquidM’s New Platform for Mobile Ad Campaigns


LiquidM’s New Platform for Mobile Ad Campaigns

Misspran October 18, 2013

2013 was supposed to be the “year of mobile marketing”, the year where mobile marketing would take flight, becoming revolutionized and easy. For many this didn’t happen. This lack of ease couldn’t be due to lack of demand though. People now use their mobile devices to surf the web more frequently than their desktop or laptop computers. Many companies report that up to fifteen percent of their sales are due to purchases from a mobile device. This is expected to double within the next year as well.

Christof Wittig the CEO of LiquidM appears to have a visionary tool to help make mobile marketing much more manageable. While many mobile marketing campaigns are running their mobile adds on software designed for a desktop. He believes that “what happens under the hood is 100 percent different on mobile.” And so on October tenth 2013, LiquidM released to the public a new Mobile Advertising Management Platform (This is also the name of the program). The Mobile Advertising Management Platform is built specifically for mobile and happens to be the industry’s first white label platform. It has certainly caught the eye of investors as well and recieved five million dollars worth of funding from Blumburg Capital, Earlybird, and Asset Management.

“I was surprised by how unprofessional the software delivery model is in the mobile ad tech space. I looked at it and saw that many of these guys were claiming a lot and delivering very little.” Christof Wittig is quoted in an interview with VentureBeat. LiquidM’s platform will assist in mobile marketing for businesses providing a comprehensive and more professional way to run an advertising campaign.

The cloud-based software is white label, making it an open platform that can be completely customizable. Containing an agnostic core business model Companies now have an alternative to the “build your own” model allowing them to focus their energy on their products and let LiquidM help them manage their ad campaign. This product’s use doesn’t have to be exclusive either as it can integrate into any existing tools the company has been using previously. The platform is meant to be easily used by even the non-tech savvy customers.

The business model offered by the platform optimizes premium and performance based advertising. It comes equipped with many unique and important features necessary for a mobile campaign including real time bidding, device detection, data collection and geography targeting. It also provides a “Decision Engine” that can help advertisers make critical decisions. “More mobile advertising companies are looking to increase their competitiveness by turning to a full stack ad tech provider,” Wittig says referring to LiquidM as one of those “full stack” providers.

LiquidM is not a media company itself but the provider of technology used to aid in sales. This technology was developed in Berlin by Madvertise back in 2008 and used in Turkey to bring the company Mobilike up to the number 1 spot in mobile advertising. LiquidM then bought the technology bringing its availability to the rest of world.  The San Francisco based company already has about 100 customers being served by offices located in New York, London, Berlin and Singapore.



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