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Instagram for Windows

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Instagram for Windows

Misspran October 22, 2013

Instagram is finally coming to Windows Phone. The photo filter and sharing app with over 150 million users is finally releasing its app on Windows Phone. Instagram has been a very popular photo app on IOS for over 3 years and on Android since early 2012. Finally, in a few weeks, it will be on Windows Phone as well. Nokia tweeted from the Nokia World Conference on Oct 22nd, confirming the rumors of Instagram’s release on Windows.

Nokia tweet about instagram


The lack of Instagram on Windows Phone operating system has been a challenge for Nokia. One of the phone’s biggest strengths is its hardware components for its camera. Not having Instagram, the most popular photo app, on the phone’s operating system is a big challenge from a marketing standpoint. The fewer amount of apps on its operating system has been in general a challenge for Windows Phones. The lack of apps available in comparison to IOS and Android makes phones running its operating system a lot tougher to sell. Although Windows is the third highest selling mobile operating system on the market, it trails far behind IOS and Android with less than 5 percent of market share. This makes its phone not as high of a priority for top app developers. This is probably why it has taken Instagram so long to finally release its app on Windows.

Instagram also announced a few months ago that it will be testing out sponsored images from brands on its app.  However, little is said on the details and features of the app on Windows and if it will be running ads right away.


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