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Instagram Introduces Mobile Ads.

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Instagram Introduces Mobile Ads.

Misspran October 4, 2013

Instagram had just recently announced in their blog that they will be introducing ads into users’ feeds. The company announced that they will be letting a small number of brands pay to introduce high quality images to users, even if the users are not yet following that brand. The company assured that they will try to make sure that the ads won’t feel forced. They stayed on their blog, “our aim is to make any advertisements you see feel as natural to Instagram as the photos and videos many of you already enjoy from your favorite brands” Instagram has also stated that they will give users the option to give feedback and hide the ad if it does not feel natural.

The company has now grown its user-base to over 150 million. And with its announcement of introducing more broad-reached ads, companies like Levi’s, GE, and Burberry, are all quick to jump to the opportunity. Instagram had also introduced video to its platform a few months ago in competition with Vine.  Especially for consumer brands, this will increase Instagram’s attractiveness as a marketing platform. Brands will have the option to pay for a broader reach and the option to produce both video and image content.


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