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The Future of Marketing: An App for every Business

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The Future of Marketing: An App for every Business

Editor October 8, 2013

Here are a couple of facts for you before we begin:

  • Over 153 million phone apps are sold in the world every day [1]
  • In the United States, the average user has almost 33 apps on their phone [2]
  • Also in the US, there are more mobile phones than people (1.022 phones per person) [3]

The way that people browse the internet and, more importantly, search for businesses is changing. In a study by Google, they found that 84% of people in the UK used their mobile phones to browse local businesses, and 78% of them took action such as calling or visiting the store. [4] People are browsing for information on the go: on public transport or in town.

And where people go, business marketing must follow.

The information you provide customers needs to take the shape that they want. It used to be adverts in newspapers, then websites. Now it’s the mobile app, a travel-friendly way of browsing information about your business.

Your potential customers are three things:

  1. They’re browsing for businesses on their phones
  2. They’re out and about
  3. They’re impatient

Remember: there are lots of other businesses that do exactly what you do and your customer is just one click away from going back to the search results.

The first step to keeping those customers is to create a mobile friendly version of your site. Simple and easy to browse, these sites allow your potential customer an easy experience. You have given them the power to find the information that they need, and they will thank you for that by spending money.

In your pocket marketing

And now we come to phone apps, and the power they can unlock for marketing your business. We’ve already established that almost all of your potential customers are walking around with some kind of smart phone, and that the majority of them are using it to search for places to spend their money.

How can an app help you?

If you look above, we mentioned that the average American phone user has 33 apps on their phone. They look at their phone several times a day: when they wake up, before they go to bed, on the bus, at lunch, when they’re waiting for somebody. That phone is with them at all times.

Imagine if your business was one of those 33 apps. Imagine that your potential customer is seeing your logo, your brand, on their screen every time they looked. You can’t buy brand recognition like that.

Not only are you making it easier for your customer to access information about your business, but they’re now walking around with your business in their pocket. Your business is there, just a finger touch away.

The future of the internet is moving to mobile devices. It makes sense that businesses move there too.



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[2] http://www.phonearena.com/news/The-average-global-smartphone-user-has-downloaded-26-apps_id47160

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[4] http://googlemobileads.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/consumers-love-their-smartphones-now.html



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