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Dots App Update Brings Samsung Galaxy Native Advertising

Dots App Update Brings Samsung Galaxy Native Advertising

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Dots, the addictive connect-the-dots game, released a brand new Galaxy Theme option sponsored by Samsung. The latest update adds a dark “space” background honoring Samsung’s flagship android phone brand, the Samsung Galaxy.

Incubator and investment firm Betaworks, the creators of Dots, also added weekly scoreboards for high scores. The latest edition of high scores aims to keep users engaged and continuing to challenge their friends and the global leaderboard on a weekly basis. Prior to the update, if your Twitter or Facebook Dots friends had an unbelievable high score, there was little chance overtaking them on the leaderboard.

Dots High Game

Dots previously experimented with adding native advertising in partnership with General Electric, by adding Gravity Mode. In promotion of Gravity Day, GE helped launched a new Infinity game mode and the ability to reshuffle the Dots game board at anytime by shaking your phone. Both Samsung’s native advertising sponsorship of the Galaxy theme and General Electric’s Gravity Mode are clever ways to keep Dots banner advertising free while bringing in revenue to Betaworks.

Adding Native Advertising to your mobile app is not an easy process unless you’re well connected, but the user experience payoff is worth it. Most mobile games, especially on Android, are mobile advertising driven versus having the ability to add a native mobile advertising experience. iOS is notoriously more monetizable by in-app purchases for updated user experience, but Samsung’s latest role in native advertising adds updated features to all platform users for free.

Challenge me at Dots via Twitter name @BRoodman and keep me posted if you see other great native gaming advertising experiences.