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Apple Announces New iPad Air, Mini in Effort to Stay on Top of Tablet Market

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Apple Announces New iPad Air, Mini in Effort to Stay on Top of Tablet Market

Misspran October 23, 2013

On Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013, Apple hosted an event  at Yerba Buena Center of the Arts in San Francisco to unveil its new products. The comapny announced a the lighter, thinner and faster iPad Air, a new line of Macbook Pros, a faster iPad Mini and an exciting new OS X “Mavericks” operating system that will be free to upgrade.

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“Earlier this month we sold our 170 millionth iPad” Tim cook, C.E.O. of Apple, said to the audience during his keynote.

The release of the  iPad has been one of Apple’s biggest success. However, competition is growing. Nokia also recently announced a release of its own Tablet running Windows 8, and Samsung’s share in the tablet market is quickly growing. Samsung now owns 17.9 percent of that space.  However, Apple still dominates overall in the tablet market. The release of the iPad Mini is intended to strategically compete with other lower-priced tablets on the market.

Total tablet sales are steadily increasing and the numbers are expected to eventually pass PC sales. According to CNN, “Manufacturers are expected to ship 184 million tablets this year, 53 percent more than last year. By 2015, 331 million tablets will ship, outnumbering PCs for the first time.” Apple still owns over half of the tablet market and is expected to keep its place, but to do that it has to remain competitive. Will the hardware upgrades in the new iPad be enough for Apple to stay on top?

There is no shortage of signals that Apple understands how big mobile is for them. The company puts a lot of effort into adapting its software to the new consumer’s mobile-centric lifestyle. With the success of its recent iPhone release and the demonstrated increasing demand for tablets, Apple has made as much of an effort as possible to synchronize IOS mobile devices with its line of personal computers. Some of the biggest upgrades in the new operating system address this. The new operating system seamlessly synchronizes activity on your laptop across your other iOS devices including calendar, maps, search, files, contacts, and more.

Enthusiasm surrounds the latest product announcement, as it always does, but we’ll have to wait and see how well these iPads sell. The tablets run iOS 7 and will be available for sale in Apple stores on Nov. 1. We will be anticipating their performance in the market.


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