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6 Smartphone Apps That Fit Your Tech-Savvy Lifestyle

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6 Smartphone Apps That Fit Your Tech-Savvy Lifestyle

Guest Author October 11, 2013

Your smartphone can make your life easier, faster, and more fun … if you let it. Instead of pulling out your phone to check emails, scores, and movie times, start using it for other purposes.

Here’s a selection of six apps that could revolutionize your tech life.

1. Date Smart

Date Smart is a handy GPS app that brings up a number of local events and places you can take a date. You can search for an outdoor adventure, a movie, a restaurant, a local site, and much more. The app goes on to provide a number of tips for how to take full advantage of whatever location you pick.

2. OpenTable

OpenTable is more of a friend-oriented app than a dating app. It helps you locate local restaurants and automatically request a reservation without having to find a phone number and make a call. You can specify the number of people and even the table you want. Of course, your favorite hard-to-find place may not be on the app, but you can still recommend it!

3. Automation apps

Automation apps help you automate the stuff around your home. In other words, you can turn off your lights, turn on your thermostat, turn on your fans and lamps … all through this smartphone app. Some even let you unlock your door.

Of course, these apps tend to be proprietary and differ widely among companies. Belkin and Lowes both have interesting automation apps. There are also a lot of energy apps, such as Kill-Ur-Watts, which help you track electricity and save money in your home.

4. Banking apps

If you’re not doing your banking through apps, you’re missing out on a big portion of the tech world. Finance apps let you view your account and make important transactions. The larger banks even let you take snapshots of your checks and send them in remotely to complete deposits. Every bank has its own app, so check for yours.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a universal note-taking and document management system. It works across your desktop, phone, laptop, tablet, and any other device you might have. With its handy collaboration features, this is the perfect app to keep organized and reduce stress for nearly any job or school assignment. It works even better if your friends use it, too.

6. My Fitness Pal

Fitness apps are hitting it big, so pick one now to improve your exercise routine. My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular options, with calorie counting, dieting, and journaling functions, but look for one that fits your life the best.

Guest Author

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