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3 Tips To Make Your Content More Mobile Friendly

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3 Tips To Make Your Content More Mobile Friendly

Misspran October 30, 2013

An important aspect of any online marketer’s work involves producing content that is optimized for SEO and social media. Now with mobile usage on the rise, it’s very important for online marketers to think about additional ways to make their  content strategy  mobile friendly. Here are some tips that will help propel your content even further.

1. Eliminate flash

Flash animation is definitely not compatible with any iOS devices. When you have flash animation on your website, you’re not accounting for a hefty portion of the mobile audience.  When there is an error and a piece of content doesn’t load, it can ruin the user experience. With flash, that’s guaranteed to happen to at least some of your mobile audience. Yes it’s nice to have media rich animation, but It’s not worth the headache if it won’t load. Leave it out.

2. Make text easily digestible

The smaller screen size on mobile devices makes extra lengthy content harder to digest. Many users may lose patience if the content is too verbose and requires too much scrolling. However, this doesn’t mean you should compromise quality content and turn everything into a list. Although, lists and bullet points can be your friend. They’re easy to digest for the short attention span of today’s internet consumers, but good content speaks for itself. People will still read a long article if it’s good. There are many who enjoy reading on their mobile devices when commuting to work or relaxing at home. However, in most cases, try to keep your content succinct and to the point. Also, break up unnecessarily large paragraphs.

3. Use pictures

Pictures are great and are often very effective in grabbing attention. Now with the new retina updates on the iPad and the constant upgrade in hardware on mobile devices, the quality of the image matters. High resolution images pop more. However, also consider the fact that loading time matters too. You want a beautiful high resolution image, but if a site takes too long to load, the audience will get impatient, frustrated and leave. Be sure to test your content in a few mobile browsers.

Remember, mobile is different from desktop and these differences should not be ignored. However, these tips will help you get started in producing mobile friendly content for your site. Eliminate flash, have pictures and present text content in a way that’s easy to consume, such as lists or bullet points. These are key ways to make your content more mobile friendly.



Vi Tran
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